Sunday, 5 February 2017

!NXS - 1984 - Dek@dance (Cassette) FLAC

Original Sin/I Send  A Message/Burn For You/Dancing On The Jetty/Love Is (What I Say)/Jackson

Dekadance is the title of two different collections of remixes by Australian rock group INXS: a 1983 four-track 12" and cassette EP released in the United States of songs from Shabooh Shoobah; and a 1984 seven-track cassette released in Australia of songs from The Swing. The latter included a cover version of "Jackson" as a duet by INXS' Michael Hutchence with Jenny Morris, their backing singer. This compilation peaked at No. 2 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart in April 1985.

The Australian cassette version of Dekadance features remixes from The Swing, and was released in six different versions. Each had a different sleeve, one for each member of the band, which were sourced from the band photo on the cover of The Swing. In following the general theme of the release, the photos themselves were "remixed" by the use of halftone (or similar) printing. Each image wraps completely around the package and is difficult to identify unless the package is dismantled and opened flat. Instead of the usual plastic hinged case, the packaging was a cardboard box that featured a flip-top opening, similar to that of a cigarette packet. The album was also available strictly for Promo use to radio stations. The LP version omitted the Jenny Morris/INXS cover version of "Jackson". It is a highly prized collector's item, as it was for promo - hence it is very scarce nowadays & finding it on LP is indeed a needle in a haystack!


  1. Hello, isn't there a track missing (Melting In The Sun)?
    Otherwise, thank you so much for sharing, especially in lossless!

  2. Hi Chris not sure what happened there Love Is (What I Say) and Melting In The Sun are one track starting with Melting In The Sun so I've missed splitting the 2 tracks but the running order of the 2 tracks is different from the cover may have something to do with how I stuffed up.

    Are you able to split the tracks if not will do it for you and post a link here in the comments.

  3. Ah, I see. Yeppers, I am able to. Thanks again Mort for sharing in the first place. A real blast from the past! Very much appreciated.