Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Richard Clapton - 2004 - Diamond Mine FLAC

Obsession/Some Sunny Day/Bomb the Bomb/Diamond Mine/High as the Heavens/The Simple Things/Head Full of Rain/Paradise Drive/Zweite Neon/ The Dark End of the Road/Tides of Time/What Does It Take to Get Lucky/All Stand Together

In a career spanning thirty-two years and eighteen fantastic albums, Richard Clapton has earned himself a very special place in the history of Australian contemporary music. A singer/songwriter who combines masterful poetic insight with a passionate rock ‘n’ roll heart, he has articulated the hopes and dreams – and the disappointment and disillusionment – of a generation of Australians. With the dedication of a true artist, he has mapped out the landscape of the human heart.

Richard Clapton is indisputably one of the most influential figures in Australian rock history. Respected by peers and critics alike for his finely-honed abilities as a musician and songwriter, he has also kept up a steady flow of hits and a loyal live following over the past two decades. He stands among a very small group of songwriters who have created timeless classics; songs which explore and reflect upon the realities of contemporary Australia, remaining fresh and relevant years after they were written.

The fact that so many of his songs are still heard on Australian radio stations every day is proof of the enduring qualities which make his music so special. The titles say it all, from Girls On The Avenue, Capricorn Dancer and Deep Water, through to Down In The Lucky Country, The Best Years Of Our Lives and I Am An Island, Richard has never stopped creating brilliant music. In recent years, he has continued to impress with songs like Angelou, Trust Somebody, Glory Road, Distant Thunder and Oceans of the Heart. Clapton spent four years writing and recording the album, Diamond Mine, at his home studio, a process he described as the most creatively liberating experience of his recording career. It was released in May 2004—eight years after his previous studio album—but did not chart.


  1. Thanks for both of Richard's albums mate - especially Diamond Mine which I've never heard before. Listening now and really enjoying the fresh material. Pity it didn't chart and get him back into the limelight that he so justly deserves.

  2. Thanks for posting more Richard, Mort. Can never have too much of a good thing.

  3. Fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to hear this hard to find album.

  4. Since one good turn deserves another, here's Distant Thunder:

    Feel free to make this a post on the blog.