Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Seekers - 1976 - Giving And Taking FLA C

Friends/The Rose And The Briar/Giving And Taking/A Part Of You/Country Lanes/Country Rose/Holding On/If I Could Write A Fairy Tale/A Finer Country Day/Standing On Shaky Ground/Where In The World

Around 1972 Bruce Woodley,Keith Potger and Athol Guy began planning a new version of the of the Seekers and they were looking for a replacement for Judith Durham, friend Buddy England suggested Louisa Wisseling and so Seekers II were born . Against the odds, the Seekers jumped straight back into the Australian charts with Woodley's "Sparrow Song" #2 in June 1975 and the album The Seekers #17 in July. In September 1975, they undertook a national tour and released three subsequent singles: "Reunion" (October), "Where in the World?" (April 1976) and "Giving and Taking" (June '76)."Giving and Taking" was lifted from the album of the same name.
Bruce Woodley left in June 1977 to concentrate on songwriting and production, at which point Buddy took over, remaining with them until the group split again. Athol quit in 1978, replaced by another veteran of the Melbourne '60s scene, Peter Robinson (ex The Thunderbirds, The Strangers). This version of The Seekers released one album, "All Over the World" in November 1978, then in 1980 they released " A Little Bit of Country"  with Cheryl Webb replacing Wisseling they continued performing in Australia and overseas until 1981 when they called it a day once again. They would reform again of and on right up until the present.

The album "Giving and Taking" is quite a good album from the opening track "Friends" to the closing "Where in the World" every song a winner while Louisa Wisseling is no Judith Durham she is a fine replacement. My faves are "The Rose And The Briar", "Country Lanes",
"Country Rose" and "Standing On Shaky Ground". Most of the songs were written by Bruce Woodley or co-written by Bruce and John Farrar former member of the Strangers and one time Shadow. There is also a song there from the brothers Gibb and one by Keith Potger.

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