Sunday, 8 May 2016

Stonefish - 1986 - From 20.000 Fathoms

Cement Head/Guitar Radiation/Boobalooba Beach/Hook In My Mouth

 Here's a cool surf instrumental EP released on the Citadel Records label back in 1986.  This was a one off collaboration when Dom Mariani of The Stems had a little time on his hands to gather some an old band mates and record this cool 4 track 12" EP.  The line-up consisted of Dom, two ex members of his old band The Go-Starts, Greg Hitchcock (gtr) and Velo Zupanovich (bass) along with drummer Dave Shaw.  Greg was playing with The Bamboos at the time and Velo was in a band called The Reaguns with Dave.  Dave would later join The Stems when original drummer Gary Chambers was sacked.  The 4 tracks on this EP are all surf inspired instrumentals that sit nicely along side say Dick Dale, Link Ray and the like, not a bad tune on this baby.  The original pressing in 1996 was 1000 copies with another 500 pressed in 1999 with no changes to the art or label.

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