Saturday, 14 November 2015

Various - Five By Four Vol. 2

1. Ronnie Burns - Coalman/Exit Stage Right/True True Loving/When I Was Six Years Old/The Very Last Day
2.The Cherokees - A Woman With Soul/The Thought Of You/That's If You Want Me Too/I've Been Trying/- Minnie The Moocher
3.The Groove - Simon Says/Sooth Me/What Is Soul/Relax Me /Baby Get In The Groove/Coke Advertisement
4.The Vibrants - Something About You Baby/The Letter Song/I Don't Need Nobody/Danger Zone/Terrible Way To Treat Your Baby/Sterling Jeans Advertisement

Great album released by Raven Records back in 1983 when we were all looking for those hard to find tracks this volume and it's predecessor were a godsend. Now in the digital age and with the internet things are a lot easier. This album is still a good listen with 5 tracks each from Ronnie Burns, The Groove, The Cherokees and The Vibrants.

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