Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Shivers - Big Love

Baby Says / Not In Love / Washaway / In My World / Big Love / The Gun / It Hurts / Close My Eyes / Town Is Gone / Sorry / Fortress Of Solitude / Under His Thumb

This is an album by Melbourne band The Shivers, released on Mushroom Records in 1990. They appeared to have all the necessary ingredients required to make a strong impact on the pop market of the day yet failed to do so, which is something I have always thought was a little puzzling.

The band was Wendy Morrison (vocals, piano), Don Ely (guitar), Chris Barton (drums) and Arch Larizza (bass, keyboards & guitar), with support musicians including Julian Mathews and David Shaw of the Stems, Chong Lim, Mark Punch and Mark Moffatt. Larizza, had previously been a member of The Saints.

Wendy Morrison went on to collaborate with Richard Pleasance in Felt and they released a CD in 1996. In 1998 Pleasance was working on the music for the popular ABC TV series SeaChange and he brought Morrison in to sing the show's theme song. 


  1. Thanks for that. Keep up the great posting. DH

  2. Thanks for that. Great album, another that didn't get the success it deserved. DH