Saturday, 12 March 2011

Yvonne Barrett - The Yvonne Barrett Story The Singles Plus

Little People/You're The One/Send Her Away/Won't Someone Say/Don't Bother Calling/I'm Taking Him Back/Lu/Picture Me Gone/No Longer Part of Your Life/Mr 7654312/*Always Something There To Remind Me/*May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone/*You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/*Off And Running/*Send Her Away/ *I Walk Alone

Yvonne Barrett (1946 – 2 September 1985) was an Australian pop singer who made the Top 40 charts in Melbourne & Sydney and was nationally known for her TV appearances. She began her performing career early, commencing ballet lessons at the age of two and a half. This led to appearances in stage shows such as Sound of Music and Carnival. She took singing lessons in her mid-teens and was able to pass an audition for Australia's national pop music TV program. The Go! Show. She soon became a regular on this show doing songs like "Off & Running", "I Walk Alone" and The Toys "A Lovers Concerto". Signed to Go records, a record label spin-off from the show, Yvonne achieved her most chart success in 1965-66 with her version of the Tony Hatch song, "You're The One" b/w " Little People". In Dec 1965 she performed over Xmas in a tour for Australian troops in Vietnam.

1970 saw her voted a runner-up in the Go-Set magazine national Pop Poll. Although not achieving further chart success she retained considerable popularity through her live appearances, and on national TV shows, such as Uptight and Happening 70-72 doing songs such as, "Always Something There To Remind Me" and Rare Earth's, "Get Ready". In 1970 she released the single Lu (a Laura Nyro song) which featured her big voice with a brassy jazz-rock, Blood Sweat & Tears style arrangement. During the 1970s she moved into session work and club appearances. In the 1980's Yvonne Barrett moved from Perth to Sydney and began working as a waitress.

On September 3 1985, Yvonne Barrett was found murdered at her unit in the inner western Sydney suburb of Birchgrove


  1. Good post Deutros love Yvonne's voice what a pity there was never a LP release from her. Thanks for this.

  2. I'm with Ozzie Deutros. For someone who was such a popular performer in the 60's & early 70's, Yvonne was criminally under-recorded. It's great to have some of her TV tracks along with her official singles so that we can enjoy a full album's worth of material. A shame we don't have an audio clip of her great version of "Get Ready" though

    I wonder if I can do something there as I have the clip on DVD?

    Thanks again mate

  3. Would be great if you could mick tried looking for the song but to no avail same with lovers cocerto but only a partial clip for that.

  4. Thanks Deutros for the Yvonne Barrett music, as a very young lad I thought she was HOT.Yvonne had a great voice and it is a pity that there was no album but you have provided the next best thing.



  5. Hey, thanks for this great share. Loved Yvonne back in the day. Much appreciated.