Friday, 21 January 2011

Clique - Love Me Girl

Love Me Girl/Stop, Look and Listen

The Clique came from Perth W.A. and not long after forming they won the Western Australian section of the Hoadley's Battle of the sounds (I used to love going to those). So off they went to Melbourne to compete in the national final at Festival Hall the guys didn't win but they did end up with a record deal with the GO! label and a spot on the GO! Show.

This single was there only recording which they put down at the Bill Armstrong Sound Recording Studios in South Melbourne. Both tracks were written by the band Lenny Hayworth wrote "Love Me Girl" which was the A-side and Mike Carr penned "Stop, Look and Listen" the B-side. the band was given the oppotunity to move to melbourne but declined deciding to finish up the band (as 2 of the boys Joe and John were only 16 and the other 2 only 20) and continue their studies.

Band Members

Joe Orifici - vocals, keyboards
Lenny Hayworth - guitar
Mike Carr - guitar
John Tucak - bass
Ferdie Ferrante - drums


  1. Thanks Deutros I must say I have never heard of these guys. But I like, when I see and hear something like this I wonder how many others like this I haven't heard yet. All we can do is keep looking,finding and posting. Good find mate. :)

  2. Thanks Deutros, another band I've never heard of. Amazing how much great music has slipped through the cracks.


  3. As a Sandgroper Grteat to finally have a copy of this Gem.

    Useless Trivia - Joe Orifici eventually studied to be an Italian Teacher and taught at my older's Sister's High School where he had since formed a band called Prohibition who had a couple of hits with Champagne tickles My nose and Ten Good Reasons in 1976-77.

    I am fortuate enough to own an autographed copy of the first single which 3 copies were bought by one of his students - who he later married :-)

    Also another member of the Group, though he may not have sung on this track is Ray Van Ross - a well known Rocker in the 60;s and a member of a very musical family - and I know of another brother via my other Sister.

    Yep, WA is a small town alright :-)

  4. When it comes to music Frank I don't think there is any useless trivia every little bit of anecdotal info is appreciated and helps to fill in the gaps of these little known bands.