Saturday, 26 December 2009

Rockinghorse - Grand Affaire

So Do I/Tell You 'Bout A Feeling/Richard Alpert/Gypsy Lady/On A Friday Night/Turn On The Light/River Running Deep And Wide/You Don't Need An Answer/Oh! Marimba Go!/Call It A Day/Grand Affaire
A big thanks to Rex for sending me the vinyl for this one.
Line-Up: Clint Brown (Bass Guitar) Keith Norris (Drums) Bruce Robinson (Lead Guitar) Carl Evenson (Percussion / Vocals) Wayne Mason (Guitar / Vocals)
Rockinghorse were a Kiwi band who formed in 1973. Keith Norris and Clint Brown had been members of Taylor while Wayne Mason and Carl Evenson joined them from Formyula the last to join was Bruce Robinson who had originally been in the Pleazers. They released 2 albums Thoroughbred 1975 and Grand Affaire 1976.


  1. Thank you so much. I've been looking for these two Rockinghorse albums, and now it's one down, one to go.

    The mid-70s were the best time for music, and Australasia was at the forefront thanks to Split Enz, Space Waltz, Sherbet, Rainbow Theatre, Sebastion Hardie, Ragnarok, Dragon, Chetarca, Cybotron, etc.

  2. If you haven't located the other Rockinghorse album you can find it here.