Sunday, 9 August 2009

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Great Hits

Rock Me Baby/Dream Baby/Poison Ivy/Smoke And Stack/Blue Day/Good Morning Little School Girl/You Don't Live Twice/Broken Things/Board And Boogie/You Don't Love Me

 Strange Greatest Hits this one 3 singles from the first incarnation of the Aztecs A and B sides, a single fom 1967 then one single his first with the new heavy rock and boogie version of the Aztecs. The six early tracks also appear on the Linda Lee album that they shared with Johnny Noble. The album cover shows Billy during the heavier phase of his career while the majority of the songs predate it so they must have been trying to cash in on the new image. The interesting thing about the cover is that it shows Billy playing Bass Guitar.

Apr. 1964 "Blue Day" / "You Don't Love Me" (Linda Lee LL-006)
Jun. 1964 "Poison Ivy" / "Broken Things" (Linda Lee LL-007)
Nov. 1964 "Smoke & Stack" / "Board Boogie" (Linda Lee HK-765)
Sep. 1967 "Dream Baby" / "You Don't Live Twice" (Festival FK-2015)
Mar. 1970 "Good Morning Little School Girl" / "Rock Me Baby" (Festival FK-3638)


  1. It should be noted that this is a release on Calendar, Festival's Budget Label, and as you say it is an attempt to cash in on his heavy incarnation's success, hence it only consisting of the Festival/Linda Lee stuff.

    Strange that EMI didn't release a similar "Best Of" at the same time ?