Saturday, 19 March 2011

Aztecs - The Hoax Is Over

Gangster Of Love/Goodbye Baby/Born In Mississippi/Truth

I don't know why I haven't thought to post this before this is the first Billy Thorpe album that I ever owned it's actually the first Billy Thorpe anything I ever owned I don't know why I hadn't bought any of his records before this time because I actually liked him in the 60's I loved watching "It's All Happening " mainly because it was live, I was very fortunate to be able to watch it every week must have been nothing on in that time slot that my parents wanted to watch, i'm fairly sure it was late Sunday arvo around 5pm .

After Billy's initial fame he had some money problems and lagging popularity so he moved down to Melbourne and changed his whole image from that of a beat popstar into a long haired blues rocker and I loved it this was my favourite album for so long.

The album only has 4 songs on it a long and a short song on each side, side 1 has " Gangster of Love " clocking in at 14.52 and on the other side " Born in Mississippi" at 12.15.

Critics said that it was boring pretentious and the songs were overly long but I know what I like. At the time I was into Black Sabbath Deep Purple and Free to name a few so this was right up my alley. So if you haven't heard it before give it a go.


  1. Thanks Deutros for the Thorpie album. I have been trying to buy this album for ages but it has still eluded me.Billy Thorpe at his peak.



  2. Hey Deutros,

    Is this a vinyl rip?


  3. Hi thesoundandthefury no I cheated on this one it is a CD rip would you prefer the vinyl

  4. Hi Deutros, I have the CD version as part of the "Lock Up Your Mother" 3CD set. The vinyl has versions of "Gangster" and "Mississippi" that are both 10 minutes longer than the box set versions. I found a vinyl rip online about 4 years ago but it's not that great. No biggie though mate.

    Thanx heaps for your efforts all the same...

  5. I should have remembered that just a bit lazy on my part will have to do the vinyl.

  6. I totally understand, Big D. Don't rush - whenever you get around to it.

  7. Hi Deutros

    Could you please rip the vinyl version of this album for the extended version of Gangster of Love. I would KILL to have it. I haven't been able to find this album anywhere.

    I'm just know many of use followers would appreciate it! :)

  8. Thank you very much